Evanston’s Living History

It is the story of a community’s struggle for justice; with roots extending to the town of Abbeville, South Carolina and the horrific lynching of one of its prominent citizens, Anthony Crawford.

It is the story of Crawford’s granddaughter, great-granddaughter, and great, great-granddaughter working alongside the families of Emmett Till, Michael Schwerener, James Earl Chaney, and Andrew Goodman to gain passage of United States Senate Resolution 39, which apologized for the failure of the Senate to enact anti-lynching legislation.

It is the story of Evanston’s greatest generation, and their courageous fight to free Evanston from the bondage of racial discrimination.

With interviews featuring some of those who lived this history: Joseph Burton, Phillip Crawford, Rosetta Gradford, Bishop and Mary Harvey, Sanders Hicks, Viola Hillsman, Sue Holloway, Delores Holmes, Doria D. Johnson, Rose Jourdain, William Logan, Jr., Eleanor “Brownie” Moore, the Hon. Lorraine H. Morton, Dr. Larry G. Murphy, Allen “Bo” Price, Mary Walker, Byron Wilson, and George E. Young, Sr.

Produced and directed by Craig Dudnick.

To watch a two part interview done by Carl Castillo at a radio station in Rocky Mount, Virginia prior to a presentation for the Franklin County Library

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